Sustainability Policy

Developments over the past several years, as well as the daily challenges confronting any

global commodity company, have highlighted the close interrelationship between economic

and social factors. A company’s market value is influenced to a significant extent by intangible

values (e.g. intellectual capital, corporate culture, client loyalty, reputation), and its business

success is dependent to a large degree on the confidence of its stakeholders and on it being

accepted in the environment in which it operates. Consequently, one of the challenges that

we all face when striving to achieve sustainable business success is that of identifying the

expectations of key stakeholder groups and of addressing them appropriately.

Gerald believes being a Global Corporate Citizen (GCC) is a commitment made at all levels

of the Group. As a leading global commodity merchant, we operate with very high standards

to build greater efficiency, improved security of supply and create long-term value for all our

stakeholders. Some specific areas that we believe worth highlighting are:

1 Employees


Gerald strives to create shared value. We believe this is based upon the connection between

corporate success, social well-being, diversity and inclusion. We are committed to promoting

a high-performing, inclusive workplace built on excellence, respect and dignity. Since our

needs are for a productive workforce, health and education are key components of that

equation. The Group provides/encourages training across a variety of disciplines (internally

and externally), all harmonized to improve our own intellectual capital, whilst enriching the

employees themselves.

2 Code of Conduct

Gerald is built based on an entrepreneurial spirit, which is allied with the uppermost standards

of integrity and accountability. We are committed to ensuring that every employee conducts

themselves and represents Gerald in all aspects according to rigorous ethical, professional

and legal standards. Complementing our “Do what’s right” attitude, Gerald’s business ethics,

AML and Anti-Bribery guidelines also provide a clear reference point for employees.

3 Business Partners

We understand that the basis for long-term success holds in making the right partnerships

with the right counterparties. This is an ever-developing process but with thorough and

continued due diligence, “Know Your Client” (KYC), adherence to law in all jurisdictions we

operate within, and building common-value with such partners, we believe we can positively

manage these relationships, whilst having them help us achieve our GCC goals.

4 Risk management

The nature of risk has evolved and the scale of non-traditional risks has increased. The

environmental and social risks associated with conducting business globally can also become

a liability and/or bring reputational threats for those involved. These aspects must therefore

be taken into consideration. As part of Gerald’s credit and risk management procedures, we

ensure that such aspects form part of our decision-making process across our business and

service providers.

Values such as credibility, integrity and the ability to maintain viable partnerships are vital for

long-term business success, as are corporate governance structures. By carefully managing

and adopting an increasingly transparent approach vis-à-vis these intangibles, we believe we

can maintain the trust of clients, employees, shareholders, financial institutions and other

stakeholders, as well as continuing to position ourselves as a credible and attractive long-term


5 Going forward

Gerald Group continues to grow and advance. As such, we will continue to approach the

management of our Global Corporate Citizenship with the same care and discipline as any

other business we conduct. We are aware of the challenges that lie ahead, and we are

committed to meeting them.